Website Statistics & Conversion Tracking

Website Statistics & Conversion Tracking

Do you want to direct traffic to your website that is interested in buying your product or service? Then you need conversion tracking. Search engine marketing involves more than just optimizing code and getting a bunch of traffic to your site. The ultimate goal should be to increase your sales and ultimately have a high return on your investment.

Conversion tracking involves coding your web pages with specialized scripts that will track every action of your visitors. Our advanced conversion tracking software enables us to dial into your customer’s behavior. We can track where they go, where they came from, and where they are going. Tracking every move that your visitors make, we can determine the intricacies of human behavior on your site. How can this benefit your bottom line?

Titan’s conversion tracking software will enable you to see which keywords are bringing you sales and which ones are not. With PPC we cut out any non profitable words, and strengthen your profitable words and phrases.

Our conversion tracking gives you statistics on where customers are coming from, and where they are leaving to on your website. Tracking this information allows for better landing pages and the expansion of more popular purchasing pages.

Website tracking is a very important part of search engine marketing. As a solution, this type of tracking will save business advertising and administrative expenses. It also allows you to have an insight into the behaviors of your most important visitors, your customers. Using this solution, we have seen our customers save thousands of dollars per month on ppc advertising that was not getting them any results.

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