Theme based Search Engine Marketing?

What is Theme based Search Engine Marketing?

If you want to dominate your market on the major search engines, your website needs to be properly optimized using themed search engine marketing. Proper optimization will cause the search engines to recognize your business as an authority in the marketplace. When optimization and keyword theming are skillfully done, your website can successfully rank for hundreds or even thousands of important keyword phrases that your potential customers are using when searching the web. These same keywords are currently sending potential business to your competitors who rank on the first page.

Over the years Inexpensive Web Solutions has developed numerous strategies that will successfully position your website on the search engine’s natural results. Inexpensive Web Solutions uses themed search engine marketing to optimize in a way that allows us to position your website on the first page of the search engines for literally hundreds of important targeted keywords.

You might be thinking to yourself, why does my business need to target more than just a few keywords? The answer is very simple. Search terms are almost never typed in exactly the same way by each individual performing a web search. There are literally hundreds of words and phrases different individuals may use when conducting a search for the same item. Just as the theme of a book has many elements that make up the underlying story, so do the search terms that your potential customers type into the search engines on a daily basis.

Understanding the manner in which search engines determine the relationship between related keyword phrases is an integral component of successful themed search engine optimization.

As a strategy, themed search engine marketing is fairly complex. The search engines use artificial intelligence to determine the relationship between various words. It is this same technology that is used by search engines to enable them to determine what is relevant about your website. As Inexpensive Web Solutions continues to build your site’s relevance and popularity, we are able to skillfully add more keywords to the mix on an ongoing basis by using our proprietary search engine optimization knowledge.

Although creating a high ranking themed website is at the core of our overall search engine marketing strategy, it is not enough to concentrate only on website semantics. We must also look at an all-encompassing strategy to ensure that your site is constantly at the forefront of your potential customers mind. We accomplish this using these strategies:

Keyword Research – Knowing exactly what your potential customers are searching for is vital to online success. Inexpensive Web Solutions has access to search engine data that will tell us what words your target customers have used in their searches, the specific phrases they typed when performing a search, and how frequently they searched for specific terms. This knowledge enables us to successfully rank your website for relevant keywords that your target marketing is searching for.

Layout and Design – Search engines do not have the ability to understand or properly interpret many elements on a website. Using our knowledge of the manner in which search engine spiders gather information, Inexpensive Web Solutions will perform ongoing adjustments so that your website is coded in the most effective manner. Often times we can accomplish this without changing the look or feel of your website.

Title and Meta Tags – Search engines sometimes use title and meta tags in the coding of your website to determine the topic and relevancy of a given page. We optimize these elements on an ongoing basis to help position your site in accordance to our theming strategy.

Internal Linking Architecture – Search engine spiders are not like human visitors. They are only able to navigate through your website by looking at your source code and then attempting to determine in what direction to head next. It is important that your site is structured so it is seen by the search engines as an authority site that contains the proper link coding and coordinated linking architecture. Our optimization strategies will ensure that search engines spiders will navigate to and collect data from all areas of your site.

PageRank – The manner in which search engines rank pages is determined by many continually changing factors. One of those factors is determined from various algorithms. An example, from Google, looks like this: PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + PR(tn)/C(tn)). The algorithms used take into consideration elements such as internal and external links on your website. Inexpensive Web Solutions researchers continually stay on top of changes in search engine ranking algorithms in order to secure top rankings for our customers.

Keyword Density – It is important that you have the proper balance of keywords throughout your site. Having a specific keyword on a page too many times can actually cause you to get banned from search engine rankings! We carefully monitor your pages to make sure that they are in proper balance.

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