Taking Advantage of Website Analytics

Taking Advantage of Website Analytics

Website analytics can give you an unparalleled competitive advantage. After a website is fully optimized for the web, it is important to be educated on its inner workings. Inexpensive Web Solutions can develop and implement a website analytics program that will become a fundamental part of your search engine marketing campaign.

Why do you need website analytics? After an SEO Company optimizes your website, and you start to enjoy higher rankings, it is important that you understand where your profit centers are on your .

Inexpensive Web Solutions uses advanced tracking techniques to tap into the intricacies of the human behavior on your website. Using this technique we can see where your visitors are coming from, what keywords they are using, and most importantly, where they went after they left. Once we have this knowledge, we can use it to further your search engine marketing campaign.

This kind of information is invaluable, but actually analyzing it can be very cumbersome. Inexpensive Web Solutions has experience in search engine optimization as well as web analytics and will tie them together to bring a powerful solution coupled with impressive results. Inexpensive Web Solutions can sift through all the data, and come out with recommendations for improving your site, and for increasing your conversations.

Like search engines, trends and product popularity are constantly changing. Banking on a small amount of keywords that are getting you traffic now is not recommended. You need to have a plan that will last long term, and bring you qualified customers for many years to come. Finding and optimizing for hundreds or even thousands of keywords will give you a more diversified position and will protect your positions online.

One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced search engine optimization companies make is not understanding their client’s market. Let’s use the now unpopular beanie babies as an example. Let’s say that you own an online toy store, and you have your site optimized by an inexperienced SEO Company for just beanie babies. At the time maybe beanie babies were the hottest keyword, and they were bringing you major traffic.

The problem is, concentrating on fads, or trends can hurt you in the future. Once beanie babies hit the fan, so would all of your website traffic. This is why our visionary techniques concentrate on long term success that will increase your brand awareness while bringing you long term premium placement online.

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