Effective Bidding and Ad Placement

Effective Bidding and Ad Placement

Pay Per Click engines, such as Google Adwords, determine how your paid ad will rank by using a formula that takes into account such parameters as the amount you have bid for PPC placement, the percentage of click throughs your ad receives, and the keywords on your landing page.

With Google it is possible that the number 1 position ad could be paying half as much as the number 2 or number 3 position ads. At Inexpensive Web Solutions we optimize your PPC campaign to manage these parameters to your best advantage. We will help to decrease the cost per click that you pay while concurrently increasing your sales.

Yahoo and MSN use a traditional bid model that simply places your ad above the next highest bid. This system is easier to monitor and use. However, the elements that Google forces you to consider are important to keep in mind regardless of the search engine being used. An irrelevant ad even at the top of the search results will not perform optimally.

Bid Prices As competition increases so do bid prices. It is estimated that over 70% of PPC advertisers are unsophisticated. Unsophisticated PPC advertisers often over bid on keywords that do not bring them a positive return on their PPC investment. Many businesses do not track conversions correctly and often times do not know which keywords are performing well and which are not. Competing against companies in a situation like this can prove to be difficult, because they artificially inflate bid prices, without consideration to profitability. Using sophisticated analytical data and user statistics, we can effectively cut down on non-performing keywords and target only the performers. This strategy enables us to tap into the areas where the most profit is available.

A Call to Action The most important element of PPC advertising is the conversion. Will the potential customer who comes to your website take the action that you would like them to, such as calling you, emailing you, or purchasing your product online? To work effectively, all components of your PPC campaign need to be in harmony with your overall marketing strategy. Inexpensive Web Solutions has the experience and know-how to help your PPC campaign turn into sales.

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