A/B Testing for SEO

A/B Testing for SEO

A/B testing is an important component of website conversion optimization. This concept is especially appropriate for companies which are new to the field. In A/B testing, two or more separate websites are designed and placed on separate servers with unique IP addresses. Each site is designed with the same goal, which is to see which will yield a higher conversion rate.

Using the information gained in A/B testing will enable your website to be configured for optimum performance. Important advantages of A/B testing include enabling you to determine the best layout for your site, as well as determining how your visitors will react to your web pages. Additionally, upon completion of A/B testing you will be optimally prepared for going into web analytics and other post website optimization techniques.

However, you need to be very careful! During A/B testing some pitfalls to avoid are linking the sites together, putting them both on the same server, or even using the same content. There are many factors that can cause your site to be blacklisted or ignored by the major search engines. Inexpensive Web Solutions has the expertise and experience necessary to avoid these and other common pitfalls.

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